# Hướng dẫn

The purpose of this website is for learners of English who want to speak and write more correctly. It contains:

  • short clear explanations of the rules of English grammar
  • examples of correct use
  • exercises.

Bạn có thể tự Kiểm tra trình độ của mình để đánh giá xem trình độ hiện tại đang ở mức nào.

# How to use the book

If you are studying with a teacher, he or she will help you to use the book effectively. if you are studying at home, the following suggestions may be useful:

  • Don't go through the whole book from beginning to end. Now English Works contains explanations of basic rules (e.g. how to make questions). intermediate points (e.g. the use of passives) and more advanced problems (e.g. difficult structures with who, whom and which). Different learners will need to study different parts of the book.
  • Start by trying the tests on pages 4-9. These will help you to decide what you need to learn — what are the most important problems in English grammar for you.
  • Use the list of sections (at the beginning) and the Index (at the end) to help you find the sections that you want. Read the explanations and do the exercises. If you still have problems with a point. work through the section again.
  • You will sometimes need to know some of the words that we use when we talk about grammar in English (e.g. verb. preposition. tense. plural, countable). These words are explained on pages 298-302.

# The explanations

We have tried to make these as clear and simple as possible. You can find more complete explanations of some points in Michael Swan's book Practical English Usage (Oxford University Press). Sometimes we ask you to try to work out a rule for yourself. When you have tried these 'Do It Yourself activities, you can look at the blue pages (303-305) at the back of the book to see if you were right.

# The exercises

Most of the exercises are simple in structure. More difficult exercises are marked with the sign

A few exercises are designed liar group work in class.

# What kind of English does the book teach?

We teach the grammar of everyday spoken and written British English. We have used the British National Corpus — a collection of 100 million words of modern spoken and written English - to help us make sure that our rules and examples give a true picture of the present-day language.

# How important is grammar?

Grammar is not the most important thing in the world, but if you make a lot of mistakes you may be more difficult to understand. and some kinds of people may look down on you or not take you seriously. Hardly anybody speaks or writes a foreign language perfectly. but you will communicate more successfully if you can make your English reasonably correct. We hope this book will help.